Exhibit Entry Tags

Each exhibit, not animals, must have an Exhibit Entry Tag attached. The Exhibit Entry Tag must be filled out by the 4-H’er. These tags will be available at the 4-H Office after July 4. It is your responsibility to pick up your own Exhibit Tags or to arrange for someone else to pick them up for
you. If you are not able to get to the 4-H Office before fair week, there will be two other opportunities to pick up Exhibit Tags:

- At Entry Fest on Thursday, July 7, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, at the Fair Grounds, in the 4-H Youth Building. Here you can also receive help in filling out your Exhibit Entry tags.
- At the Fair, on Monday, August 1, when you bring in your static exhibits to be judged, there will be extra Exhibit Tags available.
Animal Exhibit Cards will be available in the 4-H Fair Office beginning Monday, August 1.

What to Exhibit?

Any 4-Her who has completed a project this year can exhibit that project at the Fair, as long as it meets the requirements for a specific class in the Fair Book. Some examples of project exhibits include but are not limited to the following:
Skirt * Cookies * Insect Collection *Vegetables * Rabbits * Horses * Crafts * Photos *

Remember, Cloverbuds have their own rules.


Some Fun Exhibit Ideas

• Scrapbook
• 4-H Lifetime Portfolio
• Clothing Revue Garment
• Public Presentation (do it again without being evaluated)
• Community Service Projects
• Treasurer’s Book
• Parent’s Photos
• Natural Resource Projects
• Club Banner
• Educational Booth/Display (club or individual)

See the Fair Book for further details!